Teachers in Newfoundland

Simon received his donation and has finished building his school in South Sudan. He is currently in his village working on additional projects.

Teachers from Newfoundland-Notice

Hello everyone from Newfoundland. I am filling you in on some events over the past month. I had to postpone my trip to South Sudan. The day before I was set to fly, my daughter had a ski accident and broke her femur and growth plate. I could not leave her. My research assistant went, but I will have to go at a later time. I exchanged the donations for Simon's school to US funds so that I could deliver them to him in person. He is there now. I have the money in a separate envelope. I will see when I can go to South Sudan. If it is while Simon is still there, I will deliver the donation for his school. If he intends to come home, I will get the money to him. I have been talking with him over the phone and I have $700 for his school, so we will do this. I am writing this so that you are all aware of the situation. Please reply so that I know someone has read this and hopefully we can fill everyone in so they know the plan. If all goes well, I will go in a few months. Best, Jan


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