Counselling Tools and Strategies for Challenging Times

Hands-on, easy-to use, fun and creative student guided journal-workbooks help adolescents deal with real life problems and issues. Jan will introduce two of her creative and unique guidance programs, The Tough Stuff Series, published by Jalmar Press and The STARS Program (Steps To Achieving Real-life Skills) published by University of Toronto Press and Hunter House.

Course Outline

Participants will be introduced to numerous ready-to-use, engaging and practical activities help students cope with death, anorexia, bulimia, depression, being overweight, bullying, stress, panic, anxiety, separation, divorce, violence, family alcoholism, anger, and social phobias. The following topics will be explored: (1) defining, describing and understanding mental health issues for adolescents, (2) talking “with” and not “at” students, (3) utilizing solution-focused activities to help adolescents work through psychosocial issues, and (4) implementing a school-based program to teach pro-social skills

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand some of the key issues affecting youth of today
  • Use practical approaches to teach psychosocial skills
  • Teach students coping skills for dealing with numerous mental health issues
  • Implement a school-wide strategy for dealing with behavioural issues using strength based approach (skills acquisitions) as opposed to a punitive response.
Students misbehave because they are not getting what they need. Punishing them with punitive measures such as detention and suspension, does little to teach students the prosocial skills they are lacking. These activities and strategies provide teachers and counsellors with the necessary tools to help students build personal capacity and resilience.
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