Out and About with Anger

Learn how to help students “work with” and “work out” their anger. Using a sport and fitness theme and multidimensional teaching strategies, learning about anger can be fun. Participants will be introduced to numerous practical and interactive activities from the book “The Anger Workout Book For Teens.” Help your students learn lifelong skills of anger management, conflict resolution, and stress management while promoting an active healthy lifestyle. Samples of the ready-to-use lessons and numerous teaching strategies will be provided to all participants.

Course Outline

This presentation will provide an overview of the major principles of anger management. Using hands-on activities, practical games, and interactive teaching materials, the following topics will be explored: anger recognition, tolerance and acceptance of others, physical, mental and behavioural responses to anger, anger in the environment, steps to dealing with anger, active listening, relaxation skills, problem-solving, and goal-setting.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Define and describe anger
  • Recognize anger in themselves and others
  • Respond to anger using assertive strategies
  • Identify anger mediating words and phrases
  • Explore personal styles of coping and responding to anger
  • Negotiate and resolve conflict peacefully
  • Conduct a conflict mediation session
  • Work effectively with violent and aggressive students
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