Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for School Counsellors

Help students focus on achievements and strengths instead of problems. Solution-focused therapy is a counselling approach that helps guide students towards identifying current personal issues and then helps them plan for change and growth. Participants in this workshop will explore solution-focused strategies such as, the miracle question, validating, scaling questions and activities, goal-setting, and coping questions. We will work together within this theoretical framework to apply these strategies to counselling practices in school settings.

Course Outline

This course will provide an overview of solution-focused therapy and the key strategies that are used in this approach. Participants will explore this theory and take part in activities that reinforce the main components of this counselling approach. Counsellors will learn how to collaborate with students to help them solve their problems. Without focusing on problems, students are guided through a process of personal discovery and capacity building. This session will also assist counsellors in the process of understanding the ecological systems that influence the development of the student. Working on solutions takes hard work and counsellors will learn how to work with the client, not work for the client.

Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • The theoretical basis of solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT)
  • Key concepts and strategies used to operationalize the tenets of SFBT in a variety of settings
  • To facilitate shared discourse between the student and counsellor
  • To listen, absorb, probe, challenge, and reflect during the counselling sessions
  • The importance of a genuine relationship and how to create this within the realities of school counselling settings.
  • How to conduct SFBT activities and lessons to help facilitate change in the student’s thinking and behaviour.
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